L’internationalisation des universités françaises : éléments pour une histoire

FOR MANY POLICY MAKERS IN FRANCE, INTERNATIONALIZATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION IS A NEW SUBJECT. “Internationalization: it’s time to invest”, concludes a recent report presented in January 2015 by the French government. “It’s a new challenge for France”, said the organizers of the Congress of the French Grandes Ecoles already in 2010. People have short memories. They have forgotten – or simply do not know – that French universities were pioneers and leaders in internationalization between the end of the 19th and the middle of the 20th century, before being outshone by the United States and some other European countries. How can this be explained? And how can history help in understanding some of the current trends in French higher education policy? […]

Lire la suite dans International Higher Education, n°83, 2015. Pour la version espagnole, c’est ici. En attendant la publication de ma thèse, en français cette fois.

Meilleurs vœux 2016 aux lectrices et lecteurs de ce blog, que les questions universitaires internationales passionnent !

Guillaume Tronchet
Chroniques de diplomatie universitaire
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