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Classe renversée et tableaux tournants vécus par les étudiants étrangers

Dans un post précédent, je vous ai présenté ce Que pensent les étudiants étrangers de la classe renversée ?

J’avais oublié de vous décrire ce groupe d’étudiants de l’Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (YNCREA Nord-de-France) par leur nationalités et leur projet de carrière, voilà qui est fait ci-dessous. Lors d’une deuxième séance de 4 heures avec 43 d’entre eux, nous avons continué à produire des descriptions illustrées de mécanismes moléculaires impliquant cette fois-ci des bactéries, et non plus des virus. La méthode utilisée a été celle des tableaux tournants qui permet d’enrichir par rotations successives des équipes d’étudiant des illustrations réalisées pour répondre à des questions de cours. Ci-dessous, leurs réactions positives et négatives.

Nationalités: Kazakhstan (x3) – India (x12) – Colombia – Mexico (x4) – Ghana (x10) – Ukraine (x2) – Serbia (x4) – Hungary – France – Gambia – Pakistan – Poland – Salvador

Objectifs en matière de projet professionnel : PhD in the genetic engineering sphere and do scientific researches in the fields like genetic engineering and bioinformatics – Food marketing manager ; representing food and agricultural organization as a board member – Food security (work in the field in organizations such as FAO) – R&D – R&D in a food company such as Nestlé – R&D mainly development of new products – Product development – R&D, product developer in food industry (confectionery) – Nutritional therapist with a private form in Ghana to help people with a nutrition-based diseases – Quality management – Quality assurance manager – Quality manager – Product manager – Researcher in the area of food quality safety or toxicology (lecturer) – Research and Development of fragrances aromas and colours and for alcoholic drinks – Food industry as an auditor of quality management system – Food quality manager of Chef – Nutrition, Physic activities, Environment (to sensitive rich population to better way of life) – CEO and owner of multi trillion dollars conglomerates all across the globe – Product developer in the food industry – Quality department in food industry – Quality expert – Quality manager – Researcher – Technologist in food industry : production of alcoholic drinks – Manager in a food company – Enologist – Laboratory researcher or in beer industry something – R&D in a food company – R&D in any food industry or in nutrition sector – working in a laboratory – Quality manager in food industry – Social service – R&D manager – Food industry ; Food quality and hygiene & safety manager – Own large hectares of farmlands – Infant nutritionist – Production management – Minister of Food and Agriculture – Professor of molecular biology sciences – work in a NGO to start social service and help to fight global hunger and provide education and nutrition to poor and needy people

Perceptions positives (deuxième séance) : Nice use of markers & boards for learning – a lot of information – it was a very informative class as far as microbiology is concerned – some concepts well taught and understood – helped for better understanding : on the concepts, bacterial multiplication and antibiotic resistance – instead of the previous session, this one was so interactive and teacher explained all information by his own – very interactive and communicative ; very good explanations about mechanisms – good explanations – you are an amazing professor, with love for its job I really liked the last class, but in this one, we didn’t talk that much about the easy things that we already know, so I liked it eaven more ; it was a good session with many new concepts to learn – this class was informative, interactive and illustrative ; I learned a lot and didn’t feel the time pass by – first of all, it was a good session to understand clearly about the bacteria and it’s interaction within our body ; it was clearly explained by way of diagrammatic representation ; I really like the way we ourselves were allowed to make group analyses on each and every topic and exchange the view between each group – interactive session; good handling of the subject ; team work ; encourage to participate – the class was really interactive and creative learning which made the topic to understand clearly ; each topics were clearly explained – doing the whole of diaporama on our own ; interactive – excellent and nice interactive classes ; involving all student for work – interactive class – clear explanation of the day’s lecture ; not too fast this time around – good presentation – interactions – I noticed that you tried to give us more explanation according to the feedbacks from the previous lesson and I really appreciate it – the lecture was good and easily understood ; a very interactive session it was – interactive session with hands-on practice of different bacterial mechanisms, structures ; good and fluent English, easy to understand ; learning through making mistakes was promoted ++ ; fun class – I really like the presentation (PPT) about bacteria ; it is very informative and I find it very useful for preparation for the exam – it was a very interesting lecture ! We have learnt a lot of things ; it’s a very good method by using the drawings because it’s easy to understand by this way ! The teacher helped me to understand difficult things by simple way of explanation : thank you for the everything ! – I enjoyed the class ; everything was very clear to my understanding ; I liked the form of teaching with graphics – understood the reason why the presence of plasmids in bacteria caused antibiotic resistance – very good and active class ; participation is 100% and I have a good idea of the topic at the end – concepts were well explained – very interactive ; learnt new things on bacteria – the information was new ; as always interactive ; it was practical – lively session ; interesting information – very good and interactive ; professor was one of the best ; everything was explained good – I like how dynamic the class is ; four hours is a long time and standing up makes it easier to stay focused – the session was interactive ; new information was provided ; interacting – I like to be seat in groups, it allowed a certain level of discussion during the class ; the presentation are interactive and the majority of the time explain everything clearly – interesting topics and how he relates it to the daily life ; good speaker who interacts with students to keep us interested – I like that the class was interactive and informative ; the drawing part was fun, but it could be better if we had a little more time – knowledge about bacterias ; new information about genetics related to bacterias

Perceptions négatives (deuxième séance) : Afternoon class (have in the morning) – not consistent explanation – it was a long class of 4 hours, so it was boring and I was tired – explanations could be more on PowerPoint – the explanation could be more clear if videos would be showed to the students : regarding the topics = which would save time and improve understanding – no one – a bit exhausting, perhaps one more break ? – I think that we need one more break – honestly, I don’t have the negative points – there was no negative points – more explanation in PPT – students trying to explain – lack of break + short breaks of 10 minutes only – too long – nothing negative this time around – too much movement – utility of information for good production ? – I was a little bit stressed because I do not really like to speak in front of so many people and my knowledge is not too much in this topic – moving around the classroom was a bit boring for me – not enough information regarding the diagrams of presentation – the classroom is constructed not for the classes, I guess because it is really distracting to have so many windows when you are at the top floor, and it was really hot in there – nothing – it was quite fast from the beginning – didn’t really understand the transduction of bacteria – quite technical and more time need to understand completely ; do not know how to relate it to good science – no application in the industry – not this time – you don’t like using the drawing on my board – too fast – not a negative point, but a request : one more break ! – trying to understand and explain complex and unknown mechanisms by yourself can be a little frustrating, through it is always later made clear by the teacher – a little excessive amount of details : it was too in depth ; some parts were not applicable to our main course – we have very few time to understand and draw the topics in the boards ; we end up just copying the drawings instead of actually understanding it ; I think another break would make the class a little bit less tiring – I don’t think it’s the best idea to let us explain a new topic because we get confused and when I have questions, I don’t know what to ask because I don’t know what I don’t know, it’s confusing ; moving around is tiring – I feel the moving around too much is a little tiring, as well as listening to the explanation from our classmates first and then you: it makes me confused about the right information and the not so correct one – too much information for only one class so it is tiring trying to understand all the concepts rapidly

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