Hello – I am a professor at the Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) with a specialization in innovation management, and I am also a “serious gamer” (yes, my Dean knows all about it!).

I entered the world of serious games after my PhD in 2003 when I adopted my first virtual cow “Garelle”, becoming a respected farmer in the online serious game “Cow Country” (Vacheland). The game’s purpose was to give a positive image of the agricultural sector after the mad cow crisis. I remember how I was intrigued by the number of people involved and their willingness to learn strange things about cows in order to increase their score in the game. (I personally learnt about the different options to protect plantations from attacks by wild boars – I would be happy to share this with you in another context!).

I then spent a decade using (and creating) some of these games as teaching tools, to increase the motivation of my students and improve their skills. I launched several research projects to evaluate the performance of these training tools, and have also helped major companies using (or willing to use) serious games in defining their strategy and Key Performance Indicators about the game.

Today I consider serious games as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage for higher education organizations. This blog relates my experience and views on how to develop “serious games” strategies. Let me know what you think about it !


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