When Academics re-discover inductive learning… That’s for the best!

While I indicated in my previous post that my next one (i.e. this one) would be related once again to the last OECD report, I finally decided to postpone it to share some thoughts that came after a recent reading.

In a recent blog post, Jean-Charles Caillez, a blogger of the Educpros network, described a very interesting experience called “Inverse MOOC”, led at Davidson College in the US. I won’t describe the experience here, since Jean-Charles does that perfectly for French-speaking readers, while English-speaking readers may read a detailed explanation of the experience there.

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Digital in the classroom is not good or bad – it’s how it’s implemented that is important

The last OECD report on education entitled “Students, computers and Learning – Making the connection” was released yesterday, September 15. It’s a 200 pages document that comes with a lot of interesting information that can be useful for higher education – to such a point that this post is the first of a series of two that will rely on this report.

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Using the Simpsons to Discuss Intercultural Differences – and other managerial topics…

For this first post, I decided to rely on a Simpsons episode that I’ve been using for some time to illustrate intercultural differences. Some research has already been published about the usefulness of using movies to discuss interculturality, and it is indeed a great way to illustrate the topic and to make students think beyond what they see.

The episode that I use is called “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bangalore” (season 17, episode 17). I especially like this one, because it also enables to go beyond its core topic, as it illustrates other kinds of managerial situations than purely intercultural ones. It can also be used to generate near-philosophical discussions about economic and social development.

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