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When Academics re-discover inductive learning… That’s for the best!

While I indicated in my previous post that my next one (i.e. this one) would be related once again to the last OECD report, I finally decided to postpone it to share some thoughts that came after a recent reading. … Continue reading

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Digital in the classroom is not good or bad – it’s how it’s implemented that is important

The last OECD report on education entitled “Students, computers and Learning – Making the connection” was released yesterday, September 15. It’s a 200 pages document that comes with a lot of interesting information that can be useful for higher education … Continue reading

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Using the Simpsons to Discuss Intercultural Differences – and other managerial topics…

For this first post, I decided to rely on a Simpsons episode that I’ve been using for some time to illustrate intercultural differences. Some research has already been published about the usefulness of using movies to discuss interculturality, and it … Continue reading

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